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What is Bérard AIT?


Dr. Guy Bérard, an ear, nose, and throat doctor from France, developed an auditory training system called Bérard Auditory Integration Training.  Bérard AIT was developed to address auditory hypersensitivity, distortions, and delays in hearing that negatively impact auditory processing. The system uses music, fed through headphones to an individual, to train the middle and inner ear to better process auditory information. This educational training system has been shown to be effective for improving attention and focus, sensory processing, communication, confidence and school related skills of reading, spelling and writing.


What to expect...


Bérard Auditory Integration Training involves twenty 30-minute listening sessions over ten to twelve days. The listening sessions involve the individual listening to specialized music, through headphones. Targeted skills and behavioural changes are facilitated by the training of the inner and middle ear, which allow for effective processing of sound and meaning in the auditory cortex. Neural plasticity, the changing of connections in the brain, can enable alternative performance and skill and requires both frequent repetition and attention. Dr. Bérard, the founding father of Bérard AIT, described ten hours of sequential training as ‘the catalyst for change in an individual’s auditory system.’


Bérard AIT is guided, when possible, by auditory test results, which occur before the training, halfway through the training, and after the training.  The auditory training can be modified after the mid-point audiology test to reflect the advancement of the individual. Those who are not able to complete an audio test can still be eligible for AIT, please speak to your practitioner for more information. A device called the Earducator ™ specifically modifies and modulates the music played during training, and can filter out specific frequencies in order to train the individual’s auditory system. This can enable structural changes to occur in the auditory processing areas of the brain.  The following observations have been reported following Bérard AIT:  


  • Reduction of tantrums

  • Decreased sensitivity to auditory stimuli

  • Reduction in hyperactivity, increased attention 

  • Increased focus and ability to follow directions

  • Increased confidence, socialization, and communication skills

  • Improved reading, spelling and writing

  • Improved sensory processing, and decreased sensory overload 

  • Improved spatial understanding


How do we know that Bérard AIT works?


Much research has been done regarding the success of Bérard AIT for the above claims. At the following links, you can explore some of the studies conducted:

Please click the link below to download the parent package for 2020! 

kids pediatric occupational therapy listening hearing music attention integration sensory
kids pediatric occupational therapy listening hearing music attention integration sensory
kids pediatric occupational therapy listening hearing music attention integration sensory

Improved listening 

Auditory Integration

10-Hour Program

Bérard AIT is now available!

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